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Winner Best Prototype in the Studio North Exhibit at the 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show. Salt & pepper have never been so close as they take their relationship to the next level. Sprinkle the love over your next meal with this unique set of spice shakers today!


In-house designer

Other info

Inspired by the Alessi hugging salt & pepper shakers, the smooth abstracted figures are a sculptural tongue in cheek conversation starter… clean enough to sit atop the dinner table top but equally at home amongst the dirty dishes.

Wanting to experiment with a new production process, I leapt in head first to design and prototype this set of shakers. Making the decision to move into manufacturing is another beast entirely, so I contracted the expertise of Louise Bousquet, a master ceramicist to scale up production. Each set of shakers is carfully hand-made, at her studio in outside of Montreal, Quebec.

The shakers are slip cast in hard porcelain which originates from Limoges, France. This particular type of porcelain is ultra-white, requiring a firing temperatures between 1350°C-1400°C, to achieve a very hard, more vitreous, glass-like quality.

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