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NEW! LÜV Shakers

Winner Best Prototype in the Studio North Exhibit at the 2018 Toronto Interior Design Show. Salt & pepper have never been so close as they take their relationship to the next level. Sprinkle the love over your next meal with this unique set of spice shakers today!

Ring Set

Rather than searching for a suitable engagement ring and wedding band, I set out to design something extraordinary. The titanium tension setting was modeled in SolidWorks and machined in a multi-axis CNC machining center to produce a two ring set that nests together when worn on the finger.

3D Scanning Table

The design and development of the second generation 3D scanner table built by Streamline Automation. Working in collaboration with CNC motion experts, I was responsible for the R&D along with design, 3D modeling, prototype development and part sourcing.

Heavy Projects

Here are various projects completed as part of the production team during my employment at Heavy Industries. My role in the projects included anything from producing the CNC machined EPS parts, to fabrication, painting, sculpting but also included project management and liaising with the clients.

My Way

Working in conjunction with advisors and sponsorship from SMART Technologies Inc. I developed an enhanced interactive directory concept powered by DViT touch technology. The main focus of the directory was to develop a central directory integrated into a larger system enabling shoppers to easily access information.

Personal Shopper

This scanner concept was developed to help shoppers easily locate items in a grocery store using voice command and to create a running total of all the items in their cart. From initial ideation to finalized concept complete with 1:1 scale visual models of the handset and charger.

Portable Seat

The goal of this project was simple; to develop a concept for a portable seat - the challenge was that it also had to be fully functional in supporting bodyweight.